A Virtual Private Server(VPS) provides you with full root access, dedicated system resources and a wide selection of operating systems. It’s a physical server that hosts many smaller servers. Think about a cake that is cut into smaller pieces. Every piece of the cake is an own separate server.

It is done via virtualization. In our cloud, we use the open source high-performance virtualization KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine).

With a virtual server, you do the same as with a dedicated server. With the full root access, you can install any software you like. The only limits are the resources you ordered with your virtual server. The benefits of a cloud VPS is that the server can grow with your needs.

Virtualization proves itself as the premium hosting solution. Not only is it the center of every organization’s money-saving initiative but industry reports say that between 60% and 80% of IT departments are switching to a virtual environment. By reducing the numbers and types of servers that support business applications, companies are engaging in numerous significant benefits.

I recommend you to check our ultimate VPS Hosting Guide with an infographic.

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