Virtualization is the ability to run multiple operating systems on a single physical system and share the underlying hardware resources. It is the process by which one computer hosts the appearance of many computers.

Virtualization is used to improve IT throughput and costs by using physical resources as a pool from which virtual resources can be allocated. 

A single Virtual machine (VM) is an isolated runtime environment (guest OS and applications) in Virtualization architecture. And multiple virtual systems (VMs) can run on a single physical system. VPS Hosting runs on Virtualization technique. Have a look on the detailed guide of VPS Hosting.

Advantages of Virtualization:

  • Sharing of resources helps cost reduction
  • Isolation: Virtual machines are isolated from each other as if they are physically separated
  • Encapsulation: Virtual machines encapsulate a complete computing environment
  • Hardware Independence: Virtual machines run independently of underlying hardware
  • Portability: Virtual machines can be migrated between different hosts.


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