A TXT record is a type of resource record that is often used to show providers (google, office365, web hosts, etc.) that you are the owner of a domain name. We can also say TXT records are used to verify domain registration/ownership or combatting spam.

They don’t connect your domain to a website or email (like A, CNAME, or MX records), but they can be used during that setup process to verify that you own the domain and can access the account.

It’s common for a TXT record to include a code. These are unique codes for each verification, and enable the service you’re setting up (like Google or Zoho) to confirm that you own the domain and have access to the account where you’re setting up these records. Typically you get the verification code from your account for the website or email service you’re setting up.

The codes can vary in syntax, but usually include strings of letters and numbers. Sometimes there are dashes and underscores.

We have information on how to add TXT records in cPanel. Check here.

Sometimes you also use a TXT record to add an SPF record (we know, that’s a bit confusing). SPF records are used for security. We have information here on SPF records.

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