A Parked Domain is a domain name that points to the same website content as the domain on which it is ‘parked’.

  • For example, you can park ‘example.org’ on ‘example.com’. If someone browses to ‘example.org’ in a web browser, it will display the same website that ‘example.com’ does.
  • A Parked Domain has the same IP address as the domain name on which it is parked.
  • Although Parked domains do not have their web content, they do include one catchall mailbox.
  • Parked Domains vs. Redirect: When browsing to a parked domain, the URL remains unchanged; unlike a Redirect where the URL changes to that of the redirected web page.

For example, if you own domain1.com, and it is the primary domain of your cPanel account, you can set up domain2.com as a parked domain, and it will load the content of domain1.com. When you visit domain2.com, you will notice that although the content of domain1.com is loading in the browser, the address bar will display http://domain2.com/.

There are plenty of good reasons why you may want to use domain parking for your new name:

  • You haven’t had time to start your website yet. To use your domain name, you need to be able to point it towards a web hosting account. If you’re just started out, you may not have had a chance to sign up to a host such as Bluehost or Web Hosting Hub yet so there’s nowhere to point your domain.
  • You’re buying domains to reserve them for later use. Parking a domain or domains that you want to use then makes sense because once you do have hosting ready, you can quickly connect them and start to create your website using the domain names – it also prevents somebody from registering them in the mean time and protects your name.
  • To generate additional income. You might not have a particular idea for a website, but are instead investing in a high-quality domain name. Here, you can display advertising on your parked page to earn income whenever somebody visits your page and clicks on one of the advertisements. It’s very quick and easy to do, and is passive income in that you don’t need to do anything for it to continue.
  • You no longer need your website and are waiting for it to expire.
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