A parked domain is an alias to your main domain. It is most commonly used to redirect another extension or spelling of a domain to the main domain name. A parked domain has no physical presence of its own (cannot be used to host content on its own name).

Parked domains are domains that you own but that do not contain any content. You can use parked domains to hold a domain that is for sale or redirect traffic to another domain.

Important: Unless your hosting provider enables the Allow Remote Domains option in WHM’s Tweak Settings interface (Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings), you must perform the following actions before you attempt to park a domain:

  • You must register the domain name with a valid registrar.
  • You must point the domain to your account’s nameservers.

For example, if you own wordpress-243551-749796.cloudwaysapps.com and it is the primary domain of your cPanel account, you can set up dhosting.com as a parked domain and it will load the content of wordpress-243551-749796.cloudwaysapps.com. You will notice that although the content of wordpress-243551-749796.cloudwaysapps.com is loading in the browser, the address bar will display http://dhostings.com/.

Check here detailed steps to set up parked domain in cPanel and parked domain in Plesk.

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