A link is a clickable (or touchable) snippet of text that connects two web pages together on the internet. When you click on a link, your web browser takes you to whatever webpage that is linked from that text. You can have different types of links such as text links or image links, but the fundamental idea is the same. You click on a link and you go to a different web page.

A hyperlink is the exact same thing as a link. It’s just a fancy word for link. I guess you could say hyperlink is the proper name for links. But people shortened hyperlink to just link and so if you hear the word hyperlink, just know that it’s more jargon for the word link. Nothing more complicated than that.

The World Wide Web (hence the ‘www.’ that begins a web address) is made up of hyper-linked documents, content, and media and it resides on the Internet. Web browsers, the programs that we use to search the Internet, were designed to take advantage of hyperlinks and to facilitate their use. Web pages themselves are written using the hypertext markup language known as HTML. The Internet provides the underlying structure (think network) for all of this to function.

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