The FrontPage Extensions are server-side scripts that enable server support for websites created with Microsoft’s FrontPage website builder.

With the use of the so-called ‘web bots’, the FrontPage Extensions track any changes to the design of your website as you work on it locally on your computer and then make appropriate modifications to the files under your web hosting account.

By doing this, the FrontPage Extensions prove to be invaluable when processing automated requests, thus giving you more time to focus on the actual website development.

FrontPage support aside, this technology is also used by Microsoft for file synchronization purposes in other applications – most notably in some of the previous versions of the ‘Visual Studio’ and the ‘ClickOnce’ applications.


  • Microsoft discontinued support for FrontPage Extensions on Linux servers in 2006.
  • Exercise caution when you install FrontPage Extensions, because they have been known to cause security issues. We strongly recommend that you use another method (for example, FTP or WebDAV) to publish your website.
  • After you remove FrontPage from your server, you will not be able to reactivate it, and these FrontPage features will no longer display in WHM.
  • The FrontPage Custom Module is only compatible with Apache version 2.2. You must install the Custom Module before the features in the FrontPage interface (Home >> FrontPage) will function correctly.

Check here detailed steps to install an uninstall front page extensions in cPanel

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