Error pages are web pages shown to the website visitor when something has gone wrong with the web page they have requested. They will also been shown when there is a server error.

Common errors you may encounter:

  • 403 ForbiddenYou have requested to view a web page or directory to which you are not allowed. The webmaster may have put security in place so that certain web pages are not available to the general public (you have to be logged in to view) or that certain directories on the web server are not available for viewing.
  • 404 Not FoundThe web page you requested cannot be found on the web server. This is caused by:
    • A link to a non-existing page was clicked.
    • A page has been moved or renamed and the web designer did not put a permanent 301 redirect in place.
    • Someone found an old listing in a search engine or directory results and clicked it.
    • The user made a typing error when manually typing the URL of a web page.
  • 500 Internal ErrorThere’s something wrong on the web server and it cannot process your request or update. I recommend you to have a look on  Common HTTP Error codes and how to fix them.

Custom Error Pages:

Custom error pages are pages shown to your website visitors which match your website theme when an error has occurred within your website. The error can be caused by different things, the most common is the 404 – File Not Found error.

Learn how to create custom error pages in cPanel.

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