Aliases are multiple references to a single mailbox. They allow you to receive an email to alternate email addresses. Aliases must be on a domain associated with your Exchange account, for example, [email protected] and Mail sent to the alias email address will be delivered to the mailbox of the Primary Address for the user.

All mail sent out by the user will have the Primary Address in the From field of the message.

Note: if you want learn to send emails from an alias, please read our Knowledge Base article here.

Why would we need email aliasing?

An alias can be quite handy for sorting your incoming mail or just so that your e-mail address looks better to the one you give your address to. Think about the following situations;

  • You got one mailbox from your ISP with a default address of your username e.g.[email protected]
  • For your friends and family to contact you, you can have your full name e.g. [email protected]
  • For professional use of your address you would like to have an address that just looks better e.g.[email protected]
  • For newsletter signups, you can append “-newsletters” to your address e.g.
    [email protected]

The messages sent to the aliases still end up in your mailbox just like they were sent to the original address.

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