DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail is an electronic signature that is inserted into the full header of your email to identify the origin of where the message was sent.

A DKIM signature positively identifies that your message came from our servers. Due to our good reputation and various agreements with the larger ISPs, messages coming from us are more likely to get into your list member’s inbox.

Some of the main benefits of DKIM are:

  • Authenticated Emails: messages are affirmatively identified as coming from our servers and will benefit from the positive reputation they have.
  • Increased Deliverability: Messages are more likely to be delivered to the inbox rather than the spam folder.
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: Larger ISPs are heading towards requiring a DKIM signature on all incoming email.

How does DKIM work?

Similar to SPF, DKIM also uses DNS TXT records with a special format. When a private/public key pair is created, the public key is added to your domain’s DNS:

Unlike SPF, you can maintain many DKIM records for various sending sources. Each DKIM record is identified using a selector. In the case above the selector is “pm” as a way to identify Postmark. By using a different key pair for each provider you can easily revoke or renew DKIM records as needed.

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