A colocation data center is a facility that leases equipment, space, power and bandwidth to customers wishing to outsource their data center operation to a third-party service provider. These services provide flexible and scalable ways to manage IT infrastructures, without compromising on security, availability, and reliability.

The expertise and resources required to support the IT infrastructure are becoming more challenging and expensive to manage. With the recent explosion of digital data, it is becoming more challenging to secure, manage, and store that data, causing some companies that operate their private data centers to run quickly out of space, power, or cooling capacity.

As technologies become more extensive and sophisticated, the option of constructing, or adding onto these private data centers becomes commercially impractical and cost prohibitive. Additionally, businesses who operate their data centers find it difficult to balance their expansion and often find that their IT infrastructure is either rapidly exceeding their current capacity.

By colocating your equipment and IT infrastructure with Data Facilities you can leverage our state-of-the-art data centers and the scalability they offer. We can quickly ramp up additional space and power or provide other network connectivity to handle spikes in your service.

With Data Facilities by your side, you can now focus on running your business with the piece of mind knowing your equipment is safe, secure and performing around the clock under the watchful of our experienced staff.

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