What do you think when you hear the words “Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox.” Let dig a deeper look into it:

A web browser, or simply “browser,” is an application used to access and view websites. Common web browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

The primary function of a web browser is to render HTML, the code used to design or “mark up” webpages. Each time a browser loads a web page, it processes the HTML, which may include text, hyperlinks, and references to images and other items, such as cascading style sheets and JavaScript functions. The browser processes these items, then renders them in the browser window.

So for some basic browser education sake, let’s cover a few points:

  • Know your browser. Look at the very far-upper-left corner of your screen. You’ll see the name of your browser.
  • Get the latest version. Browsers get updates and updated regularly, usually because computers and technology change fast also. You can check what version of your browser you’re currently using by going to whatbrowser.org.
  • Try a different browser. You can switch to another browser at any time. It won’t affect your computer and it will give you an idea of how they are different.
  • Read browser reviews. You can compare features of the different browsers on websites like http://internet-browser-review.toptenreviews.com. You’ll learn what kind of features browsers offer and what to look for.

There is a simple video that help you to explain about web browsers. Let’s have a look:

[youtube id=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BrXPcaRlBqo” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]

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