The Web Hosting Periodic Table

  • Web Hosting Periodic Table

If you are new to the concept of Web hosting and domain names, then some simple help is at hand.

The Science of Hosting is made up of many elements, some of them necessary for any website to function (e.g. web space), and others more appropriate for specific sites (e.g. WordPress one click install).

The idea is to help users figure out what are the essential elements of Hosting; what ideas that are easy to implement should be prioritized when you are trying to build a website?

At present, categories listed in the Periodic Table are:

  • Hosting Basics
  • Business Needs
  • Company
  • Location
  • Redundancy
  • Easy CMS Hosting
  • Languages
  • Add-Ons
  • Protection
  • Customer Retention
  • Operating Systems

The Table aims to highlight, within those categories, the most important factors; how hosting requires all things to work together. No Single factor can function without everything else in it’s core working together.

This can be useful for many, from those in web design, hosting business and for bloggers to those interested in adding to their knowledge of web hosting, their techniques, and tricks.

The Web Hosting Periodic Table

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