Turnkey Reseller Programs to start Domain and Hosting Business

  • Turnkey Reseller Programs to start Domain and Hosting Business

There are many options available to make money online, and the simple way to choose one which matches you skills set.

“Nothing is waste of time if you use experience wisely” – Auguste Rodin

Its alway good to learn from other experience when you are looking to kick start something. I have founded a web hosting company in 2012 and now have and experience of 6 years in Domain and Hosting Business.

Similar to my other blog posts  aim here is to help you start and run your own web hosting company successfully, this post will give you best and easy way to start a domain and hosting business.

This method is best if you are a freelance web developer or a company that offers web development or designing services, i recommend you to start selling domain and hosting with your own brand name to your existing customers. This will surely get you extra $’s a month and  will act as an additional pipeline to get new customers on board for existing services.

Today i will share the method which i followed to start my own Domains and Hosting Business 3 years and you need to believe in the fact that this is one of the best and easiest with lowest investment.

Turnkey Reseller Programs

Turnkey means web hosting product and services that is ready for immediate sale under your own brand name.

There are many turnkey hosting reseller program available in the market. Here i will brief most of them and provide you the detailed view of one which i used to start my hosting company GetSetLive.


I started my hosting carrier signing up with ResellerClub , and i believe this is one of the simplest program available in the market.

ResellerClub offers wide range of products like Domain Names, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Dedicated, SSL Certificates, CodeGuard (Website Backup), SiteLock (Website Security) and that too with an easy to manage interface named as OrderBox.

The best part of this program is that you can also create domain hosting resellers under you, which enables you to expand your reach to your customer customers.


Features of ResellerClub

  • Sell Domains and Hosting under your Own Brand
  • Servers in multiple locations (India, US, UK)
  • Set you own pricing for Customers and Resellers
  • Create Sub Resellers under you for more profits
  • Sell through ready made website named: Supersite
  • Complete White Label Solutions for your Business

If you are really impressed with the features, check out the guide which will help you setup you domain and hosting business from scratch with ResellerClub.


enom logo

eNom instant reseller program is one of the oldest turnkey reseller program in the market. Where they offer fully hosted store front with themes, shopping cart and credit card processing facility.


It’s simple like 123 – 1. Choose Theme 2. Select services want to sell 3. Publish it online.

Features of eNom Reseller Program

  • Complete eCommerce Website
  • Fast Setup for selling in minutes
  • Choose what to sell
  • Customisable themes
  • Set your own prices.
  • Free Marketing assistance
  • Advance Customisation
  • eNom API for direct integration

All of above you get at just $99/year plus a free domain name.

Experience Tip: eNom is good for Domains and SSL Certificates as it offers these products at the cheaper price in comparison to competition.

GoDaddy Reseller

godaddy logo

GoDaddy later started the Reseller Program under a white label name of Wild West Domains. GoDaddy being the largest Domain Registrar in the world, people are more comfortable going with it.

With GoDaddy Reseller Program you can sell all the products which GoDaddy sells on its website. As GoDaddy has large variety of products in portfolio, so you can take maximum benefit from it.


Resellers Panel is not well known in the market, but they too have large variety of hosting products in portfolio.  If you don’t want take a pain of accepting payment and providing support to your customers after sales they are good at that.

Biggest constraint which seems to me is that they accept payments directly on storefront which goes to them and they later pay you the difference or profit earned.


OpenSRS is a subsidiary brand of TuCows which is again a very famous in Canada and States. The major focus of OpenSRS is towards Domain Names, Hosted Emails, SSL Certificates, Web Security Products. They don’t do Hosting and if you are looking to resell products other than hosting they are good as they has a very competitive price.

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