Think Big Dream Big Says Rahul Sihmar Take You To Unrevealed Blogging Side

  • Think Big Dream Big Says Rahul Sihmar Take You To Unrevealed Blogging Side

A little background on our guest today:

In today’s blogger interview, we are honored to have Rahul Sihmar as our guest to share his experience and advice in Blogging and link building campaigns.

Rahul Sihmar is a 20-year guy and he is the founder and owner blogger of GrabContent.comHe is also an SEO executive for Wittyfeed: World’s second largest viral content company from Indore.

Without further ado, we present our interview with this very talented and fascinating WP expert.

Q: Hello, Rahul, this is a great pleasure to have you on today. So, tell us something about yourself and how you got into blogging?

Rahul: Thanks, Anuradha. I’m from a small city in the heart of Haryana and popularly known as Rohtak. I’m a normal human being with abnormal dreams.

I feel proud when I say that I’m a drop-out aeronautical engineer. I believe that “If you don’t love what you do than stop insulting the profession” – As I did

 In 2014 I came to know about YouTube & Adsense. I uploaded some videos on YouTube but didn’t get any results, or you can say I don’t have sufficient resources like a laptop and the internet with good speed.

 Thus, my YouTube journey didn’t last long, and I stopped it. After 6-7 months gained more knowledge about it. One day I was telling my friend about YouTube, and I’m forcing him to start YouTube Channel.

 That night I didn’t sleep because I was searching for “how to make money online” . Then I came to know about blogging and started doing experiments with All the stuff I found online.

 The person who helped me in starting my journey is Mr. Kulwant Nagi

 In starting when I’m working on sub-domain, he told me everything over a phone call, and Now we are good friends In fact I call him my “virtual mentor.” is my first blog where I write about marketing related stuff.Although till now my journey was full of excitement and learning new things daily.

Q: What schedule do you follow daily to maintain and manage your blog?

 Rahul: Right now I’m working with world’s second largest viral content producing platform WittyFeed. So, it’s not easy for to write a blog post on a regular basis.

 But when I was working from home I use to write three blog posts in a week.

 Neil Patel highly inspires me and usually, use to talk with him over emails.He always says that consistency is the priority for me.

                                                                                              “Be consistent.”

Q: When does a blogger become truly successful? What metrics according to you determine success? Is it traffic, branding, revenue or something else?

Rahul: When we talk about success everybody has a different mindset about success. Many bloggers think that If we receive 5k+ daily on our blog, then we will be considered as successful, but I didn’t think like that.

Think Big Dream Big Says Rahul Sihmar Take You To Unrevealed Blogging Side

For me, Success have 2 phases:

Phase 1: –  We are successful {only we knows that}

  • When you receive first 100 visitors on your blog – celebrate it
  • When you earn first $100 — celebrate it
  • When you learn something new — celebrate it

You have to celebrate everything what you got and what you are getting day-by-day, but all this celebration should be internal. You should have to say yourself that you are successful person, and you are going well — it will motivate you

 Phase 2: – I’m a beginner {in-front of world}

 When someone asks you what you are doing “I always use to say that I’m learning new things” — at that time don’t consider yourself as expert

 Act like a beginner and acquire new daily by visiting seminars, events and by talking with other great industry leaders 

                                       “Success Hits You Personally, But Failure Slaps You In Public.”

 Q: What would you prioritize and why? Readers? Content? SEO? Traffic? 

Rahul: I always focus on my content because without content you can’t be even able to do “SEO” and bring traffic – But I don’t write for Search engines.I give high priority to my readers first.

Rahul: Link building techniques are different for each niche blog, event blog you made but when it comes to long-term blogs I would recommend these three things which will help you increase your backlinks structure:

  •  Content : If you write epic content, it will automatically generate you many backlinks and as you have written excellent guide than It will increase your authority in the particular marketplace.
  • Info-graphics: They are helpful resources If you give your two days for creating great infographics than many other bloggers will use it. Thus, backlinks start flowing towards your end.
  • Email outreach {Professional begging}: If you can write great content, then don’t feel shame while reaching out to other bloggers for sharing your content. On an average, if you send 100 emails per day, and you got 4% conversion rate than you are going to 120 backlinks per month.

 Q: Do you use Affiliate marketing to earn revenue? What is your advice to others on Affiliate marketing?

Rahul: I don’t do affiliate marketing that much and I didn’t get that much success in that, but I can surely recommend you someone who can change your mindset and maybe your life when it comes to affiliate marketing, and he is Mr. Charles NGO — super affiliate.

Think Big Dream Big Says Rahul Sihmar Take You To Unrevealed Blogging Side

 Q: Please give us an overview on where you are hosting your blog? What has been your experience with them?

Rahul: I have many blogs lots of them are hosted on blogger but if you talk about Grab Content it is hosted on Hostgator and the experience with them is quite good. I didn’t face any serious problem yet. 

Q: What do you think of, any tips for our blog?

Rahul: You have a great asset I’m in love with this blog especially the neat & clean design.

That’s all for my questions – I hope you enjoyed this online interview. Is there anything you’d like to add? 

 Rahul: Thanks for having me here on such a nice blog. I just have one thing to say that — There is one thing in the world that stands between your present & your future, and that is “You.”

 {This is a small gift for you from my side}

Think Big Dream Big Says Rahul Sihmar Take You To Unrevealed Blogging Side

Thanks Again For Your Suggestions and Time! Follow Rahul  tweets @iamRahulsihmar

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