For those of you who have kids or who have been surrounding a child for more than 10 minutes, you know that kids carry forth a plethora of lessons.

They educate us about ourselves. We learn what we’re competent at and where we cope.

We discover new strengths and flaws. We learn to multi-task, survive on little sleep, and deal with challenges we’ve never endured earlier.

We also learn that we have to adapt. For the record, I don’t deal with sticky fingers, sticky shelves, sticky anything at all. I actually get stress over observing sticky, going sticky. So, yeah. Welcome to me learning to adapt 🙂

 Social Media

But behind all the life teachings of being around a kid, also get the lessons we can set from the lives of a kid.

And so, I take you the six lessons my incredible, spunky, independent, cuddly, adorable 1-year old nephew has inculcated me about social media.

#1. It’s all about Routine

Do you want to stay a kid smiling? Hold to a routine.

For a child, it’s all about regularity. Understanding when they’re going to eat, sleep, go out for a walk, etc.

And it makes the family happy too when the child knows it’s sleeping time and actually goes to nap. The baby is happy.

And mom (or dad) can organize their day accordingly, get stuff done, and everybody performs much more efficiently.

Social media works so much in the similar fashion! Your clients and readers desire a routine.

They need to be aware you are consistently there. It implies posting times, response times, content quality, and more.

If you’ve studied this blog more than once, you know how I address consistency. It’s honestly what I think to be a support of success on social media.

When your readers know they can faith you to be present on a regular base, they know they can believe you in business.

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#2. But to get someone attention, disrupt that routine

6 Things My one-year Old Nephew Taught Me About Social Media

So, for as much as having a cycle is excellent on social media, if you really require to get your readers attention, deliver them a curve ball now and then.

Stir in a contest. Propose a free giveaway. Host a live video session on Facebook.

Do anything you’ve never done before, and you’ll hopefully get entirely diverse reactions from your viewers.

#3. Stay Focused

6 Things My one-year Old Nephew Taught Me About Social Media

Have you ever saw the deep concentration of a kid? When something has their regard, it is 100%.

That being told, they can go quickly diverted…. but as long as they are having their bull’s eye on something, they address that something with their full concentration.

On social media, the ability to drop focus, get diverted, spend hours scrolling through your news feed, and overlook what you logged on for in the first place is something that has happened to every one of us.

It is why you want to stay focused! It also goes back to building a routine.

Set out particular time intervals every day if you need to in order to post to social media, answer to comments, engage with another account, or respond to messages.

Stay on topic and give your readers the distinct focus they deserve.

#4. Try Something New

6 Things My one-year Old Nephew Taught Me About Social Media

Discussing of disrupting routines above in the post, we as grown-ups are very established in our spaces.

If it’s different than our things, we complain about it. But you know what kids do – they try it.

New toys, new foods, new objects to touch, new events to enjoy. Now, they may not choose them later trying them, but at least they try them.

So, earlier you hit down Snap chat or Live Video on Facebook or Instagram try them.

Uncover out what they’re all about.

Who’s working on these programs?

What presents them bizarre?

Why do several people like them?

It’s not mandatory to love them and approve them for your business.

But till you try them, how can you actually know? And, you may just amaze yourself by appreciating something new.

#5. Nothing Conquer a Smile

6 Things My one-year Old Nephew Taught Me About Social Media

Do you know what gives pretty much anyone’s day?

When a kid smiles at them. I witness it mostly all the time, When my little nephew smiles, people melt. They love it.

We desire to smile. We need to be content. We need to feel that warmness of a smile.

So, deliver that to your readers! Provide them the chance to laugh.

I am always speaking about the importance of quality content and the need to teach and encourage your audience. But now and then, you just have to present them cause to smile.

Share anything funny, inspirational, heart-warming. It can be a photo, a video, an article, or otherwise. But make them laugh.

#6. Don’t Give Up

6 Things My one-year Old Nephew Taught Me About Social Media

Lastly, the powerful lesson having a baby in our home has motivated me that we all commence as newbies. He didn’t know how to sit up – but now he can.

He didn’t know how to crawl, and, well, now he knows a little bit.

But he attempts every damn day to push himself forward. He doesn’t surrender as it didn’t work the day earlier, yesterday, or the day today.

And when we talk about social media and pretty much everything in blogging journey or our lives, you will struggle.

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Your Facebook Reach will suck. You won’t be getting new fans as fast as you like. You won’t get as much blog traffic as you required. Your advertisement will drop flat. It’s okay!

So, Don’t give up. But keep trying.

When we talk about social media or like pretty much about digital marketing, content marketing or advertising, one bullet isn’t going to hit the target, first time, every time.

Repeat. Attempt something different. Study. Adapt. But don’t give up. You’ll get there!

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