Are you planning any campaign or want to drive massive traffic to your website or blog? If yes, then it’s good to use Quora to drive website traffic with just a few steps.

Quora: The Wonderful Traffic Driver for NewBie and Pro Bloggers

Have you heard of Quora?

It’s the Q&A platform where anybody can ask a question and get answers from authorities in the community. And you know, two former Facebook employees founded Quora in 2009.

According to Alexa, Quora ranks amongst 150 top sites in the world, and its recognition is rising. The active writers on Quora support an average of 30,000+ monthly views and 350,000+ annual views. The most active writers get 90,000+ views monthly and 1+ million yearly. (Source: Quora)

Quora is recognized even more beneficial than Yahoo Answers because it has more efficient mechanisms for promoting and bringing out quality content.

Quora has an incredible 1.5 million users globally per month. Your participation on Quora is an excellent method to show your expertise, give straight answers to people’s queries (you should limit suggestions or answers to what your profession deals with).

If your answers give users valuable insights, then it will results in direct traffic to your website.
Even despite Quora was launched way back in 2009, you might not have confronted it until. But make no illusion, these days Quora is a significant opportunity.

Here’s what it looks like in action:
A Complete Guide For Effectively Using Quora To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Here’s a primary explainer video that will clarify your questions:

Quora gets most of its traffic, around 37% from India. So if your Blog relies on Indian traffic, it can be a boon for you. Of course, there is a considerable amount of traffic from the US too.

If you know how to use Quora efficiently, you can drive an enormous amount of traffic to your site. The excellent point about traffic from Quora is, it is profoundly Targeted traffic and will turn to a very low bounce rate.

Currently, Quora forms 20% of the Total traffic to my Blog.

So the question is how to use Quora efficiently to drive Traffic to your Blog? This is what I am going to explain you in this article. So let’s move on.

Step #1. Create An Optimized Profile:

Create an optimized profile including all business data, social media, and your site so that it gets a professional and catchy attention.

A Complete Guide For Effectively Using Quora To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Quora represents your profile and questions bio in all answers next to your name.  An accurate profile could help you to reflect your professional value, vision and aim approach over Quora drive.

But never write bullshit that harms your right focus of authority building.

A group of Bloggers skips this step, but this is certainly very Paramount to enhance your credibility. Points to be taken care while creating your profile on Quora:

  • Add a Relevant Profile Bio
  • Write Brief Profile Description
  • Add Relevant Topics In “Knows About” Section
  • Add Relevant Topics To The Feed Section

So Pick your words intelligently because space is limited. You only have 80 characters to represent yourself. Now that your Profile is correctly set up, you can now focus on driving maximum traffic to your Blog.

Step #2: Go Seeking for “Big Game” Topics

The step that 90% of Quora authors miss, and it’s the contrast between going 50 versus 1,000 views on your answers.

Are you all set?

Before you compose a single answer, you need to get the solutions that are attracting the most views and upvotes within your topic of interest.

So start by looking for a relevant topic. You can use this list of the most followed topics on Quora to find the ones getting the most traffic and views from the community.

There are many other methods you can locate queries to answer at Quora. Let us go through each type.

1. Search Quora: You can do Quora Search Bar to find a correct question.

2. Asked To Answer: Quora has an “Ask To Answer” feature wherein a questioner can put queries to 15 guys. When somebody asks you a question, it will be displayed in “Asked to Answer” part just below Questions for You.

Originally, you will not find any queries in this section. But as your Quora Reputation increments, more questions will show up in this section.

3. Check Questions For You: A recently posted, followed or re-asked question is likely to get a lot of views. Such questions are presented in “Questions For You” Section” under the “Answer” Tab of your Quora Dashboard.

A Complete Guide For Effectively Using Quora To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

4. Most Wanted Questions: As the name implies, these are the queries which get frequent followers and views but lack any valid answers. Answering such question can give you a lot of views instantly.

5. Questions In Your Feeds: Questions in your Feeds are mainly meant for you to read. If you have picked the correct Topics in your feed while setting up your profile, you can see some related questions in this section.

Step #3. Carefully Art your Answers

No particular recipe exists for writing the accurate Quora answer, but certain tactics will considerably enhance your opportunities of success.

But if you use the following methods, you’ll endure success much sooner.

Tactic #1: Tell Stories
Tactic #2: Write Helpful answer
Tactic #3: Longer yet Precise Answer
Tactic #4: Bulleted Points
Tactic #5: Use Appropriate Images
Tactic #6: Be Honest To Your Readers

Quora scowl upon personalities who answer questions to promote their Blogs and products. So it’s essential that you set your links wisely without doing a sales pitch.

Propose to draft a good answer and can add this phrase by linking to your blog “If you find my answer useful, you can check the detailed post on it here; which would be linked to your blog post.”

You can also add the links within the middle of your answers too. I recommend you to also add links to other blogs to make the linking look more natural.

Step#5. Always Reply to the Questions that are Seen Utmost

Study at the number of views in the ‘Question Overview’ part and give preference to answer the questions that you could get the notable views on your reply. Views value to the new viewers to get attention for a further read and inspire reading the links as well.

Step #6. Analyze Quora Stats to Recognize the Improvements

Quora has its analytics feature which shows your posts stats such as monthly views, upvote, and downvote.

A Complete Guide For Effectively Using Quora To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

You should look at a glimpse your stats that carry your upvotes, achieved views, shares, etc. By Observing up these stats, you could estimate out your Quora operations, how to make the answers better.

These stats also helps to how to be used Quora best for your traffic potential. It also has the option to follow other people; you can follow other famous profile on the Quora, and other users can also follow you which help to create the network of peoples.

Step #7. Upvote on Others’ Helpful Answers with Comment

Never wait to appreciate another best answer adding a comment and upvoting as well.

This appreciation helps you to make a healthy relationship with the user, who could award you back by upvoting your answer which in turn contributes to getting enough Quora traffic on the website.

Bonus Point: Make a Quora blog

Quora allows the opportunity to create a different blog on their platform like It can be a valuable part of your social marketing strategy.

According to Quora, their blog is good for authors who don’t have an audience and also for bloggers who have loyal readers but need to approach more readers.

If you are previously using Quora, how do you utilize it for your business? Do you have any Quora hacks? If so, leave them in the comments!