6 Common Lies Your Web Host Told You

  • 6 Common Lies Your Web Host Told You

Due to the drastic increase in the demand for web hosting services, countless private hosting agencies are surfacing up in the market every other day.

However, not all the web hosting companies are reliable. Not only is the internet flooded with these fake claims of the web hosts boasting of top-notch services.

But when it comes to support, you don’t even get to hear back from them for several days too. Moreover, many of the unscrupulous web-hosting agencies pretend to provide 24/7 dedicated support.

When you dig deeper, you will find that the promises they make are not always what you get. It’s important to understand the terms and conditions of your hosting deal so that you know what you’re getting.

This article unveils the web hosting lies that are promoted by a lot of hosting providers or might be bending the truth a little bit. Here’s a look at some of the common lies by your web host use.

#1. The Unlimited Everything Offer

In this title, there are two words which are false: ‘unlimited’ and ‘Everything’. There are several ‘unlimited’ features that hosting companies like to play with: disk space, bandwidth, domain hosting, files transfer, email accounts, etc.

Not to mention everything has a limit, it’s impossible to provide unlimited service for server hosting. Firstly, no people will need unlimited stuff. Secondly, everything is limited(set inode limits) by the server admin. Some essential features like CPU/RAM usage are strictly limited per account.

All these fascinating things are unlimited until your site grows big enough to pay more. Once the day comes, when the site needs CPU and RAM processing power due to a sudden rise in traffic or the installation of a resource-intensive application, and you will receive a limitations warning notice from the administrators asking you to either delete files, kill the apps or move to a bigger plan.

#2. The “99.99% Uptime” Guarantee

The biggest lie among all. Have you ever calculated the exact downtime for this guarantee? Less than 3hours. How much per day? Almost none!

Anyone that has owned a computer knows that they will eventually have to be “switched off and then on” again, as the most common remedy goes. The hosting providers’ servers are also computers – they’re just bigger. And Such guarantees do require very powerful server and data center system configuration.

If we consider three hours per year time, one can see how quickly that time can pass. The providers get away with it because, first, most clients don’t even realize their sites are down and by the time they do, the sites are back up and running.

Second, the providers will send out emails to their clients informing them that “regular daily maintenance or network outage, etc. and you have no other choice but to accept it for as long as we deem it necessary.” Again, customers don’t usually complain. After all, it is for our own good, isn’t it? Once there’s far-reaching problem, such guarantee is nothing but words.

#3. The “Free Domain Name” Swindle


Another lie. Many hosting providers will offer their clients a free domain name when you sign up with them. Most customers will be happy with what looks like a gift but which isn’t because the devil lies in the details.

In reality, Free domain is not free! It’s not a joke but truth. Hosting providers can play these below-mentioned tricks with you on the name of the free domain name.

Generally, hosting company will provide a free domain for one year, but when it’s due for renewal, the price will be higher comparing to certified domain registrar service. For example, the regular registration fee is around $10/yr, but when you renew from hosting provider, the price is always higher than that.

Hosting providers usually register the domain names under their name. In case the client wants to move on to another hosting provider they could be held hostage by the provider’s unwillingness to relinquish the name.

Another problem is many hosting providers do not tell you where you registered the domain from, thus if you want to transfer out, they might not cooperate with us at all and only tell us to contact the registrar directly.

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#4. The “Anytime Full Refund” Gimmick

More and more hosting service support anytime money back guarantees to make people believe your money is safe with them.

Honest hosting providers might give back 100% of the money a client paid in case they no longer want to continue with the service, but they are far and few.

There are usually accounting or marketing tricks that allow for them to cut prorated services (especially once the token 30 or 60 days have passed). It includes fees for services provided and that could even including the processing fees for refunding the money itself.

It might include some other charges that quickly add up to a sum that is very much less than the expected “full refund.” Don’t be confused by the marketing trick.

#5. We’re cheap

cheap gimmicks

Is cheap hosting service cheap? Not really. Many cheap hosting services are trying to sell you add-on products after account setup. Those service like scheduled backup, SSL and security scan, etc. are not cheap at all.

That is fine until the time comes to renew the subscription, many cheap services will be renewed at high “regular price”.

#6. Backups

Be very careful about backups. Most of the Web Hosts claim that they take daily backups of your databases and files. But normally these backups are not for you.

Be sure to take a look at their terms of service for details. Often they include a disclaimer that they can’t be held responsible if your backups are lost. And the customers are responsible for backing up their data independently.

Do you know you can manage backups your own in your hosting panel? Let’s check out how to take the backups in cPanel and Plesk.


Is Web hosting a double-faced Industry? Don’t Worry! There are dishonest marketing practices in all industries. The trick for you here is to find a company which fits your needs and do look at the hosting reviews before signing up with them.

It’s not always the best choice to go with the cheapest service over a company providing honest service. Make sure to check carefully their terms of services to reveal any of their lies.

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