No One Can Cease the Force of Your Passion Proves Jane Sheeba

  • No One Can Cease the Force of Your Passion Proves Jane Sheeba

A little background on our guest today: Jane Sheeba

Today we are honored to have Jane Sheeba onboard as our interview guest. Jane is Ph. D in Medical Physics from Lancaster University, UK. The 9-5 life was never for her, so she quitted her job. She then started her online business. Her Success mantra is Successful business and life is not a fairytale. To achieve something big in life step out of your comfort zone.

She has shared tons of great tips in blog marketing and web hosting in the following interview. I am 100% sure that you will learn a lot from this Q&A session.

So are you ready to know more about Jane and learn from her? Without further ado, here goes our Q&A. Do stop by in the comment section and feel free to ask Jane questions. 🙂

Q:  Hello Jane, thanks a lot for being with us today. Let’s start with some introduction! Please Tell Us More About Yourself. How and what inspired you to start your blog?

Jane: I’m Jane, an entrepreneur from India who is in this field since 2007.

I am multi-passionate with my business. I have websites on the following niches: Entrepreneurship and online marketing, Technical stuff related to blogging, Technology, and Health and Wellness.

Q: What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Jane:  Figuring out things! It has been the single most challenging thing, and I am yet to face anything even more challenging than that. “How to do things” when it came to blogging – I learned the hard way. The learning curve was quite steep. And when I started out there were not many helpful websites as we have now.

So I learned everything by trial and error. It includes all the little things (like how to upload a logo or change a font) and as well as big things (like how to create content, or how to market that content).
So it is not a “moment” – but a period that was challenging.

Q: How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Jane:  I treat my business and family separate. I know this is a tough thing when it comes to working from home. But somehow, with years of experience, now I am good at it.

When I cook for my family, it is just cooking time. No peeking into my phone or laptop. And when it is time to sit with my 6-year-old for his homework, I simply do that alone.

When it is work time, it is merely working time, and I don’t compromise. Drawing this fine line has been very crucial for me!

Q: Which methods do you use to monetize your blog?

Jane:   I sell my products and services. At I sell e-courses. I also publish e-books on Amazon Kindle.

At, it is mainly my services. At and the income is mostly from advertising.

Q: For newbie’s, most of them struggle when it comes to bringing traffic to their blogs. Please share some tips that they can use to build some traffic on their blogs and at the same time, what kind of mistakes they should avoid committing?

Jane: For newbies, I would ask them to stop focus on the unnecessary details – like coming up with a perfect blog design, or deciding on the font, or the color of header and so on. These things do not matter.

Rather they should focus their time and efforts in creating awesome content (20% of their time) and promoting it (80% of their time). This way, things will take off quite soon.

Q: Do you have any advice for content marketing and social media strategies for 2016?

Jane: Content is all about being useful and practical. Gone are the days where you can publish a rehashed piece of content on a particular keyword and get ranking and traffic.

Now, if your content is not either useful or practical, it won’t be received well by your audience.

It all boils down to finding your audience, finding out their problems and creating content to help solve their problems.

Social media? I don’t believe “formal” and “business” ways of promotion work on social media anymore. You have to me more informal, cooler and care for your followers. That way they pay attention to what you’ve got to say.

Q: I believe you and I both agree that a web host could make or break a website. What’s your advice for those who are choosing a web hosting provider for the first time?

Jane: First, I am totally against free web hosting. Free is free, and you cannot expect professional standards on a free server. And if you treat your business seriously you won’t choose to have an unprofessional space for it.

Second, cheap hosting – it is mostly like free. You cannot expect great uptime, service or anything like that.

Third, fake, unrealistic promises. Stay away from hosting providers who promise you unlimited anything. Coz “unlimited” is not possible. It is a business tactic. When you cross your bandwidth or disk space, you will be pushed by such companies for an upgrade.

Choose a reliable hosting provider, who has a good reputation and who charges you rationally.

By the way, we offer web hosting services – you can check out our packages here:

Note: Check out the tips to choose right web hosting provider.

Q: Where are your blogs hosted at this time and how long you have been with the host? Please share your experience with them.

Jane:  As to hosting – I’ve been with numerous hosts over the years and have learned a lot of lessons. Now we are with KnownHost for well over a year and have been happy (we have various VPS and Dedicated servers with them to serve our customers). I hope things will stay the same way 🙂

Cool. And that’s all for my questions. Thank you very much for your time!

Note: You can follow Jane on Twitter: @janesheeba.


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