Introduction: Pradeep Kumar

Our guest today,  Pradeep Kumar, the founder of HellBound Bloggers and Slashsquare, took some time to chat with us about search engine optimization and web Host Selections.

I interviewed him to learn how bloggers can be more successful in their own writing and blogging careers.

He has shared tons of great tips in blog marketing and web hosting  in the following interview. I am 100% sure that you will learn a lot from this Q&A session.

Without further ado, here goes my Q&A session with Pradeep.

Q: Hello Pradeep Kumar, thanks a lot for being with us today. Let’s start with some introduction! Please Tell Us More About Yourself And How You Started HellBound Bloggers (HBB)?

Pradeep: Hi! I’m extremely glad to be here and share my views with your readers. My name is Pradeep Kumar, I’m the CEO & Founder of Slashsquare, it’s an Indian Blog Network and Web Consulting Media.

I started HellBound Bloggers (HBB) during my school days, but it was on platform, so HBB had several names before as well.

After some months, I finalized HBB’s name and bought a custom domain name (

I didn’t start this blog for making money or even writing content, I just started it because I was so curious, but after some time, I felt I was holding something powerful, a potential platform to spread my views.

I realized this and started taking blogging seriously. Whenever I see my teachers taking classes, I used to relate the similarities between a Blogger and a Teacher. This was kinda motivating for me, I felt I got the perfect platform to spread the information I’m learning every day.

Q: Where is Hosted At This Time Of Writing?

Pradeep: Right now, we are powered by “A Small Orange” web hosting. We also have InMotion Hosting & DigitalOcean for our Slashsquare blog network.

Q: How Long Have You Been Hosting With Them? Are You Happy With Your Current Web Host?

Pradeep: It’s been almost 1 year I guess. I won’t say their service/support is exceptional, but so far, the issues are minimal. I might or might not migrate next year.

Q: Do You Have Any Particular Bad Or Good Experience With Other Hosting Companies? If Yes, Please Share.

Pradeep:  It’s kinda hard to point out the exact flaws, but in my blogging journey, HostGator is the only web hosting company which literally annoyed me a lot.

I knew shared hosting cannot handle more traffic, but the way they terminated my account was disturbing for me.

I was a newbie blogger that time, so I couldn’t take a proper backup and pick another web hosting within the given time. I didn’t even have any money… I was not making good money from my blog during that time. But I guess, they might have changed now, hopefully.

Q: What is the number one mistake you see people make with their website content?

Pradeep: The number one mistake… well, that could be.. see, I have visited some websites (mobile), but they rarely give preference to the content’s visibility, they focus on making readers read more content, but the way they present the content should be improved. 80% of the content + 20% for other things like Ads, Social Share, Related Posts, etc.

Q: What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?

Pradeep: I focused on both SEO & Social Media for the traffic generation, but these days, I mainly focus on SEO, so that I can rely on constant natural traffic without my presence/contribution.

Honestly, it’s pretty hard to rank for the keywords we desire, but we need to adjust and rank for other semantic keywords.

Regarding Social Media, I rely on developing catchy titles and description to grab their attention.

People are more interested in “Get 20% Extra Battery Power With These Android Tips” than “10 Tips To Increase Your Android Battery Life”, so I’m just experimenting at the moment. :’)

Q: I Believe You And I Both Agree That A Web Host Could Make Or Break A Website. What’s Your Advice For Those Who Are Choosing A Web Hosting Provider For The First Time?

Pradeep: You should be aware of your website’s current traffic + you should have an estimation (or goal?) of your site’s future traffic.

It’ll be hectic to migrate, so you need to prepare accordingly for this. If you are out of the budget, then the find out the list of popular festivals and events in U.S. Most of the web hosting companies provide good discount deals during these days.

Thanks To Pradeep Kumar

A special thank you to Pradeep Kumar for taking a time to talk to us about successful tactics that can be used to build a stronger website. Even if you only implement a few of these ideas, we think you’ll see a huge difference in your site traffic.

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