Interview with Karan Author of ‘Power of Hacking’

  • Interview with Karan Author of 'Power of Hacking'

Introduction: Karan Singh Chauhan

Today we have Karan Singh Chauhan in our Blogger Interview section. Karan is the founder of, a blog that teaches people how to make money online.

He is a former hacker, freelance writer, too. Karan is a friendly guy to talk with, and he’s been very helpful in this interview.

In this interview, you will get a real insight into social media marketing, blogging myths, web host selections and Karan view on many aspects of blogging. Here we go..

Q: Hello, Karan, this is a great pleasure to have you on today. So, tell us something about yourself and how you got into blogging? 

Karan: First of all thanks for interviewing me and warm hello to all DHost readers. Well talking about me is an interesting journey that starts from Hacking to Blogging in the end.

I started Hacking in the late 2010 just for fun and to increase my popularity worldwide. At that time, I was in 12th class as a non-medical student.

I have a lot of knowledge about ComputeR, software, hardware and web designing also because from 6th class he started doing extra courses of it.

And from this, my life changed dramatically and gets involved in the world of Blogging.

Giving Special thanks to my God, Parents and WordPress which gives me the platform to express myself in front of the whole world by choosing this way out.

Right Now, I am a 23 years old guy, currently living in Punjab, India as a Engineer + MBA specialised in Sales and Marketing.

People used to call me Ethical hacker, Blogger, Certified SEO, Digital Marketer, Computer Software developer and EBook Writer as well.

During my leisure time, I love to write what I know well at Blogging Ways and Krackoworld. I also written an ebook named as “Power of Hacking” in 2012.

Q: How important is networking and social media promotion for a blogger? How do you promote your blog and interact with your audience?

Karan: Well Networking and Social media has changed the world of SEO and Internet Marketing. I believe that your “network is your net worth”.

As a blogger, you can’t ignore the importance of social media promotion and doing it for your blog posts for referral traffic.

Networking is not about making connections and building enduring, but mutually beneficial relationships too. Social media and networking goes hand by hand, so I am going to list some benefits using it.

  • Social media can be used to drive targeted traffic
  • Using social media for business boosts your site’s SEO
  • Better Visibility and Popularity
  • Free of Cost Approach
  • Better Connections and Relationships

To promote my blog, I mainly use Facebook, twitter and Google plus to connect with my audience and drive traffic to my blog + stay in touch with my readers etc.

Q: What are some blogging myths that you don’t believe are true?

Karan: However, not all of the myths below are completely false.  They do hold some truth sometime.

Now a days there are so many blogging myths revolving around and some people believe in them and some not, let’s see which those are?

Although I have been in the internet marketing business for about 7 years, so these are my experience…

  • Blogging is an easy way to earn hell lot of money online
  • You Have to Post Every Day
  • To start a blog, you need to be tech-geek and have coding skills etc.
  • More articles means More Traffic
  • No One Reads Long Posts

Q: Can you explain why people place so much importance on tracking their keyword SERPS ?

Karan: Well SERPs tracking is a major part of digital marketing and keeping track of how your posts ranking changes in response to internal and external changes is damn important. 

People give so much importance to these because they don’t want to lose their rankings and know what other competitors are doing.

If somehow their traffic decreases, they used to know which competitor overtakes them and how he/she is actually doing on-page SEO. To do this, I mainly use Authority Labs and Mozcast.

What I liked about these tools is that it offers a very user friendly dashboard where you can see how each of your website is doing and which one requires further investigation etc.

Q: When does a blogger become truly successful? What metrics according to you determine success? Is it traffic, branding, revenue or something else?

Karan: Lots of people try to make money online but very few gets success. Becoming Successful takes time and its only possible by learning throughout and hard work done.

A successful blogger has the quality of writing skills, discipline, patience, Innovative and creative person, humbleness, good communication and learning habits etc.

Well According to me, not traffic not money is the criterion for Success, because Success is only measured by the net worth of the person or its brand equity.

Sometimes it’s also measured by satisfaction level or work life balance. For some people, SUCESS is never ending journey it’s perpetual in nature because human being never satisfied they want more and more.

So it all depends upon you how you rank yourself and what others think about you etc.

Q: What’s the biggest make that you’ve made blogging that you’re comfortable disclosing and what advice would you give to other bloggers so that they could avoid it ?

Karan: According to me, the person who never does a mistake had never learnt anything new, so never fear for mistakes or failures in your life to become successful.

Yes in my life, I had done some mistakes earlier which I would like to share with DHost readers, they are

–  Starting with the Hacking niche: Yes, its true. My first blog is KrackoWorld which aims at providing tutorials related to Ethical Hacking, Computer Security Tips, Cracked Software’s and many more.

I don’t say this is my biggest mistake of Blogging Career as it teaches me lot of things about hacking and Security but in terms of Money….that blog suffers with no sponsors, adsense etc.

In 2011, I also wrote my ebook on “Power of Hacking” which till today sold out more than 100 copies successfully.

–  Going Crazy with the backlinks: This is my second mistake in my life, after getting Page Rank 2.0 for my blog I just got crazy and started to build backlinks through software’s, directories submission etc and targeting only one anchor text, so that’s all Google Penguin punish me later on.

Now due to this, my blog traffic slips and hard to find it on Google. Update- Now my Blogging Ways blog moved to .net extension and works everything fine on it.

Q: Please give us an overview on where you are hosting your blog? What has been your experience with them?

Karan: Well I used to host my blog with BigRock Hosting from last 5 years, this is considered as a top Indian web hosting company and they provide very reliable hosting along with very fast customer care support.

Being with it, BigRock is a remarkable company founded in India, They provide excellent hosting services with Unlimited Domains, Disk Space, Bandwidth and Email Addresses etc.

I think BigRock is an excellent choice that believes in meeting their clients’ requirements and needs for your business to grow. Their rates are cheap and affordable as well.

Q: What do you think of, any tips for our blog?

Karan: After visiting DHost, I came to know about that the quality of articles is very high and helpful for newbie bloggers. The theme is also very impressive, beautiful, and unique + properly navigated menu structure.

What I suggest to DHost is to work on increasing Domain Authority and Off-page SEO. Rest everything is fine and well organised my best wishes to DHost for early success.

Thanks for having me.

You are more than welcome! Thanks again for being with us today. You can follow Karan on Twitter @_bloggingways

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