How to Add HTML Sitemap Page in WordPress?

  • HTML Sitemap Page in WordPress

Unlike an XML sitemap which is precisely created for search engine bots to scan and map your WordPress site.

The HTML sitemap on other hand presents a user-friendly architecture of the whole site. To add HTML sitemap page is good for the convenience of the reader.

When an XML sitemap is submitted to webmaster tools, it improves the site’s crawling rate. On the other hand, the HTML sitemap page is for the website visitors, which usually contains a list of posts and pages on the WordPress website.

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Plugins to Add HTML Sitemap Page in WordPress

Here i will be showing you 3 Plugins to add HTML sitemap page in WordPress. These Plugins will automatically create a sitemap page for you as per your requirement.

#1 WP Sitemap Page

Use this HTML sitemap page creation plugin ONLY if you want to display just the WordPress site ‘pages’. Once installed, create a new ‘Page’ and add the

[wp_sitemap_page] shortcode.

The above shortcode will generate HTML map of all the posts and pages, but since our need here is to display just the ‘pages’, the modified shortcode will be [wp_sitemap_page only=”page” display_title=”false]

The sitemap will look something like this –

Add HTML Sitemap Page

The plugin has other ‘settings’ options too. You can access them and modify through Settings >> WP Sitemap Page.

Settings Page

You can display custom post types and taxonomies.

#2 Hierarchical HTML Sitemap

A very simple plugin without additional ‘settings’ options; you just need to install and activate the plugin. Create a separate sitemap page in your WordPress page editor and add the [htmlmap showpages] shortcode.

Hierarchical HTML sitemap

Even though the plugin doesn’t have a separate ‘settings’ options, there are certain codes you can use.

  • exclude: to remove certain posts or pages through their ID
  • exclude_cat: to remove certain categories
  • showpages: displays all pages
  • hidecloud: to disable the display of categories at the top
  • showdescription: to display description of categories
  • hidedate: to disable the display of post publishing dates

You can create your own shortcode with these parameters. For example, if I want to hide the category cloud, the shortcode will become [htmlmap showpages hidecloud].

#3 HTML Page Sitemap

Similar to the #1 plugin, this one creates a list of just the WordPress ‘pages’ and again, you can customise the page using various parameters.

HTML Page Sitemap

To add the sitemap in its simplest form, just add the [html_sitemap] shortcode on any page. You can find the list of functions and parameters here.

Over to You

Every WordPress blog or website should add HTML sitemap page into its site’s structure.

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