How much disk space and bandwidth do you need for your website

  • How Much Bandwidth Do You Need for Your Website?

In the online market, a website is the digital depiction of your business. Your website is the first point of contact for your customers and the key factor to attract new business. That’s why it’s vital to evaluate its requirements that will determine fluency for your online business.

Two most basic needs of a website are:

  • How much disk space do you need for your website?
  • How much bandwidth do you need for your website?  

Calculating your web hosting requirements- Disk Space and Bandwidth

“Not only is every business unique, but each one evolves and changes over time,” Eric Mason, director of communications at website builder Wix.

Every business varies in its online requirements and size – both disk space and bandwidth also vary with the website type and content on its web pages.

What is Disk Space?

The volume of space you’re assigned to store files like HTML files, e-mail accounts, raw access logs, images, audio clips, videos, databases, Flash files and any installed programs or scripts.

What is Disk Space

How much disk space do you need for your website?

When you purchase web space for your website, you should take care of these three key factors:

  • Space needed by your site
  • Type of your site- static or dynamic
  • Type of content you’ll add to your site

If you’re planning to publish a website that’s static or doesn’t have much content/web pages, then, the disk space with 100MB – 500MB is sufficient to meet all the hosting requirements of your website.

But if you’re going to plan to host a website that’s dynamic and has lots of web pages, great amount of graphic pictures, multimedia files, video files and web scripts, then you should go for a web hosting plan from any of the best web hosting providers that offers huge disk space – 400 MB to 1,000 MB or unlimited disk space.

Therefore, disk space required by your website completely depends on the objective of your website.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the data transfer rate (Bits per second) between your website and the end –users visiting your site. It’s directly proportional to your site’s speed.

What is Bandwidth

How much bandwidth do you need for your website?

If you’re a startup, then estimated bandwidth usage for your website will be just a random guess. The best practice is having a careful track of your website’s actual monthly usage, once it goes live then plan accordingly.

Formula to calculate your required monthly bandwidth is:

Average page size (in KB) x average no. of visitors x average number of page views per visitor x no. of days per month.

For example, you have a 4 pages’ website and it consists of some graphics, images etc. your page size comes to nearby 50KB. There are 70 visitors on your site in a day and they might visit all the 4 pages. So, the bandwidth of your website per day should be:

50KB x 70 visitors x 4 pages x 30= 420000 KB (which can be converted into GB).

The above calculation seems easy but in practical it’s difficult to calculate the exact amount, so  the best possible way is to get one estimated bandwidth usage of your site and then scale it accordingly.

If your website is kind of this example or you can say it doesn’t have many pages (need less web space) or the traffic is not that much, then the cheapest web hosting i.e. shared web hosting is enough for you.

Wrapping up!

In short, your disk space and bandwidth requirements vary, depending on the no. of  images, video clips used and required by your site, sound files, traffic volume of your site, content requiring regular updates and number of files for download like an e-commerce website or gaming website.

So explore, estimate and order

Feel free to contact in case of any query and drop comments in the section below.

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