What Freelance Writers Want to Know About Contentmart

  • What Freelance Writers Want to Know About Contentmart

Be it a service website, online portal or a company website, almost all businesses require writers for their content on daily basis. Generally, the requirement of content depends on the type of business.

For more specialized writing jobs such as blog writing and article writing, the content must be catchy as well as unique. Professional writers may not know all the negatives, positives, and technicalities of the specialized writing.

Contentmart is the best platform where writers can choose their particular niche to write. So, as a writer, what you would like to know about Contentmart.

What Freelance Writers Want to Know About Contentmart

How it Works

This content marketplace serves the content writers and clients very well. While registering in this portal, you need to choose ‘Writer’ instead of choosing ‘Client’ to work as a content writer.

You can register by filling your credentials perfectly. After the activation of your account, you have to fill the relevant details such as education, work preferences, and other details to attract the clients.

You need to upload the work sample so that the customer may look at your sample work.

What Freelance Writers Want to Know About Contentmart

Bidding Process

You may begin bidding on the entire orders which meet your interests, once you have successfully given the entire details. On the contentmart, the bidding is 100% free. Now, it depends on the client whether he/she selects you for his/her project or not.

Win your First Writing Job

Whether the customer chooses you as a content writer, you should complete the project assigned to you in the given deadline. If the client approves your written content, you will get payment in your account.

You may withdraw the amount from your ContentMart account only if the amount is above 3000 INR. This portal charge 10% of your complete earning from the project. If the client rejects the work, then you will not get payment.

What Freelance Writers Want to Know About Contentmart

The speed of your writing will identify the rate at which you may select new customers. As a writer, you must improve your content services. Articles are an easy and great way to make money.

Final Words

The more articles that you have out there with links indicating your website or blog promoting your written work benefit, the higher the traffic, and the more the customers you will wind up getting.

The main path for you to get several articles out there advancing your services is for you to keep in touch with them yourself or to get a professional writer to do it for your sake.

In the event that you are an essayist beginning, chances are that you won’t have the capacity to stand to employ another author. You will need to compose the limited time articles all alone.

In the event that you are a quick author, you will likewise have the capacity to keep on writing our special articles even as you handle customer assignments.

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