Domain name selection is one of the most important part of any website. A lot of visitors can be fetched just by choosing the right domain name.

How to find a good domain name is always a challenge for most of the people. So we have handpicked Best 5 Domain Name Suggestion Tools which will help you find Perfect Domain match for your Business, Blog etc.

A well-thought out, creative and a sensible domain can have a lasting impact on the visitors of your website. It can work wonders towards enhancing its visibility among the prospective online customer base.

There’s a simple suggestion to keep your domain name simple, short, easy to remember, and meaningful( most probably related to your niche).  

But what if you are unable to find an appropriate choice of domain name for your website? Domain name suggestion tools were created to try to help people for coming with a perfect choice of domain name.

These domain name suggestion tools can automatically generate hundreds of ideas for domain name for a particular keyword.

You’ll just have to enter the keyword in the domain name suggestion tools and it tool will come up with list of names appropriate to your keyword.

I’ll now list out some of the best domain name suggestion tools that will help you search out the best domain names based on your input keyword.

1. NameStation

NameStation Domain name suggestion tool helps you to find domain name more effectively. You can append and prepend a domain name with NameStation domain name suggestion tool. You can also shorten or lengthen the domain name.

There’s also an option for suggestion to pluralize the domain name and to translate the domain name. Furthermore, you can also hear the domain name by pronouncing it. These whole bunch of features enable creativity and produce intelligent names.

The screenshot below shows the keyword list in the “append mode” which is the default mode. We can see that the keyword “hosting” is at the start of the every domain name.

NameStationAppend Mode

Above list shows the keyword list with the option to pluralize the list. You’ll find that all the domain names are either ending with “s” or “es”.

NameStation Pluralize List

Below screenshot shows the keyword list with the option to prepend. We can see here that the keyword “hosting” is coming at the end of every domain name.

NameStation Prepend Mode

Here’s a brief overview of the features of the Namestation domain name suggestion tool:

  • Generate random names or keyword domains
  • Fast bulk domain check
  • Keyword lists and search suggestions
  • Hold public naming contests
  • Smart Domain Search
  • Instant Bulk Domain Check
  • Creativity Enablers

2. Domainsbot

Domainsbot Suggestion Tool

Domainsbot is one of the best domain name suggestion tools available online. This is very easy to use. You’ll just have to enter the keyword and it’ll show the domain name that are available to use. It also has the option of selecting and deselecting TLDs.

Along with this, you can apply other filters depending on your requirements. Domainsbot works completely on keywords that allow you to find a keyword-enriched domain name. 


NameTumbler Suggestion Tool

NameTumbler is another great domain name suggestion tool that allows you to make changes in your domain search. It lets you decide the placement of your keywords which is very important in any domain name search.

This tool also allows you to combine with other domain name suggestions which is a great way to find a good domain name. For example, you can add any suffix and prefix to a domain name.

The only feature this tool is lacking is that it doesn’t show the availability of the domain name. 

 4. DomainIt 

DomainIT Suggestion Tool

DomainIt domain name suggestion tool is the easiest to find the domain names for a particular keyword. You can find the keywords with domain name extensions .com, .net, .tv, .cc.

You have the option to include numbers or hyphens if you want to. By default, the adult name suggestion is off but you can on it by clicking on it.

I won’t suggest you to do that as then your chosen name may not be good. Furthermore, many firewalls blocks website having adult keyword in a domain name. 

5. NameBoy

NameBoy Suggestion Tool

Nameboy is a primary suggestion tool that allows you to search for domain names as per the keywords of primary and secondary keywords. Primary keyword is mandatory to insert while secondary keyword is optional.

It evaluates the keyword(s) based on the algorithm and produces plenty of choices so you can easily find a good domain name.

This tool tells the user about the availability of domain name by assigning color codes to the domains. It also shows the domain names that are available for re-sale. 

Wrapping Up:

As I already mentioned, domain name suggestion tools are a great way to search for the appropriate website. There are other things that you should look for while selecting a website domain such as always go for TLDs such as .com extension, don’t use hyphens and your domain name should be related to your niche. Though, I’ve listed only five domain name suggestion tools, there are many more available online.  I personally like Namestation domain name suggestion tools most and thus recommend for you too.

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