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Introduction: Deepanker Verma

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I am honored to have Deepanker Verma, the CEO and Editor in Chief of Techlomedia, as our guest today. For those of you who don’t already know Deepanker Verma, here’s the page to visit. In this interview, we are going to discover a little more about his background and gather his opinions on blogging and traffic building tactics. I hope you will enjoy this Q&A session. Do stop by in the comment section and feel free to ask Deepanker questions. 🙂

Let’s get started!

Q. Hello Deepanker, this is a great pleasure to have you on today. So, tell us something about yourself and your blog?

Deepanker: I am Deepanker Verma. A full-time blogger from Ghaziabad. I own a technology blog Techlomedia ( where I write about all the latest updates in a tech world, gadgets and social media. I also review mobile phones and apps.

Q. What inspired you to start blogging/writing about technology.

Deepanker: Initially it began as a hobby to own a website and share what I know. Later I came to know about Adsense and other monetization options. I applied for Adsense and got approval. In few months, I realized that blogging can be a good way to earn if we do it with proper planning.

I was always interested in technology. I like to read about innovations, interesting gadgets, and latest technology. This is why I started writing about technology.

Q. When does a blogger become truly successful? What metrics according to you determine success? Is it traffic, branding, revenue or something else?

Deepanker: It depends on the type of blogger. If a person is doing part time blogging, having a good reader base and good traffic is the measurement of success. But for a full-time blogger, many things matter. These things are traffic, user base, revenue and branding. Depending on the blog niche, sometimes social connections also play a major role.

Q. Which are the other bloggers you follow and get inspired from?

Deepanker: When I started blogging, I was very impressed with Harsh Agarwal. His dedication towards blogging always inspires me. I am also impressed with S. Pradeep Kumar’s way of branding.

He knows how to make his blog a brand. IN recent examples, he made his brands popular without even launching the blogs. Amit Agarwal is another impressive blogger who taught us the importance of unique and meaningful content to survive and be at the top.

Nowadays, he is not actively blogging, but his blog is ranking at the top for millions of keywords just because of the content.

Q. How can a blogger use AdSense effectively on his site?

Deepanker: Adsense is the most popular way of monetizing the blog. But most of the people are using it wrong. A blogger should first identify if Adsense is suitable for his blog.

Adsense is not good for blogs which get most of the traffic directly. Returning visitors hardly click on ads. In this case, CTR will be too low. A blog which gets organic traffic has a higher chance of getting clicks on ads.

So, the blogger must identify if his blog can get good Adsense revenue or affiliate sales. And if Adsense is fine to use, he should do proper research to find perfect. While it is the general perception that top unit below header always performs good, in most of the cases it only generates impressions. So, the blogger must find the places where ads can get more clicks.

Q. Please give us an overview on where are you hosting your blog? What has been your experience with them?

Deepanker: My blog is hosted on KnownHost, and I am using their service for around 19 months now. So far the experience is excellent.

Q. Thanks a lot for your time in answering the questions. Any other final thoughts you would like to share with budding bloggers?

Deepanker: For budding bloggers, I only want to share two important things. To earn from a blog, you should try to increase traffic first before thinking about monetizations.

The second thing is the uniqueness. Always get inspiration but never copy. Every person is unique with some unique talent. So, get inspiration from others and try to polish your talent to get recognition.

Thanks again for being with us today. You can follow Deepanker on Twitter @TheTechloMedia

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  1. Akshat August 15, 2016 at 4:24 am - Reply

    How much visitors per day you are getting on your blog. Can you please share this with us?

  2. Utsav Srinet May 10, 2017 at 2:58 pm - Reply

    It feels nice to read an interview of Deepanker. We both are college mates and started our degree back in 2007. He is also a good programmer and always enthusiast about technology. He started Techlomedia in 3rd year on blogger and now it has a decent amount of traffic. He is also an awesome mentor who motivated me to start blogging and decide my niche in which I am interested. Today, it feels very niche to have my own blog and sharing content with can be read by anyone all across the world. Blogging is an art which everyone can start if he is interested in writing.

    • Anuradha Chawla May 13, 2017 at 8:41 pm - Reply

      Hello Utsav

      Great to know that you enjoyed reading the interview. Deepanker is indeed an awesome blogger. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comment. Happy to connect 🙂

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