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Introduction: Preet Sandhu

This week, our interview guest, The Lady Behind Preet Sandhu was kind to answer a few questions for us. She has earned her spot at the top of the blogger pyramid with her insanely successful blog.

Preet is a successful professional blogger and affiliate marketer. Today, she opens up about her background and gathers her opinions in blogging monetization techniques.

I hope you will enjoy this Q&A session. Do stop by in the comment section and feel free to ask Preet questions. 🙂

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Q. Hello, Preet, this is a great pleasure to have you on today. So, tell us something about yourself and how you got into blogging?

Chatting with Preet
Preet: Hi Anuradha! Pleasure is all mine to share space on your esteemed blog. 🙂

My name is Preet Sandhu, owner of I am a professional blogger, digital marketer and content marketer by profession. As a person, I am passionate about my dreams, focused on my goals, try to be a good leader and entrepreneur as well. 🙂

Well! My journey started five years back in 2011. One of my good friends introduced me to this great world, and now I am here. 🙂

Q. What schedule do you follow daily to maintain and manage your blogs?

Preet: I list the things which I have to do daily and make sure that all the task assigned to me and the task that I assign to others are complete.

I generally, give 12-14 hours daily to my work. When it comes to management I am pretty good at that; I know how to make the things happen in real.🙂

Q. How do you make money from your blog? And how can a blogger make a decent income from their blogs?

Preet: I earn by Adsense and affiliate (Both). I believe “Rank & Bank” is the best way to earn from a blog. You enjoy Google traffic, and things work on automation after few months of hard work.

This strategy is applied for Adsense and affiliate both.

For a newbie blogger, making a correct mindset is critical than making money first. I see newbies or strugglers (Those who are struggling in the field but not getting results) get involve in finding influencers, buttering them, posting gigs on social media, seeing the shortcut to impress someone and get all out of him/her, rather than doing and researching things themselves.

This is the case of 99% bloggers (So called bloggers) which is not good.

So, I would say if you want to get in this world research on your own because when you know 80% of things then people will find you capable of telling rest 20% of stuff which you are searching (20% things are those which comes with experience).

Sorry for being harsh but its reality. 🙂

Q. What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?

Preet: You can share your content on Facebook, linked, and many other social media platforms which undoubtedly boost traffic to your blog.

Q. Do you have some preferred blogs that you use to browse on a daily basis? If yes, please share any three.

Preet: To be honest I used to search random things related to blogging. I used to see youtube videos and TRUST ME youtube videos has ALL SECRET IN THEM that you need to earn from your blog.🙂

I used to read and to cross check the things that I see on the internet. As Influencers share hence proved strategies. 😀 😉

Q. For how long have you been blogging and during that time what were the secret recipes that you were able to discover that helped you become successful?

Preet: It’s been five years I have been in blogging, but I never came on social media before 2016. The big thing was when I joined social media in 2016 I found many bloggers who still feel I am a newbie. ;p


Success is sudden. When I started in 2011, I have seen continuous failures, and for three years I was not aware how people earn from blogs.

But, I never stopped and sat back. In those failures, I was very clear about things that I was doing wrong. In 2016 my career shot a boom.

It means anyone who is focused and is consistent will achieve success. You just have to wait for right time. 🙂

Hard work never goes in vein.

Q. Please give us an overview on where you are hosting your blog? What has been your experience with them?

Preet: I am hosting my main blog in Hostgator. Apart from that, I am using Bluehost. The experience with both these companies has been good so far.

Q. What do you think of, any tips for our blog?

Preet: You are doing a great job with Just try to experiment with new things in your blog to play in the long run. I wish you good luck for future. 🙂

That’s all for my questions, thank you very much for your time and Suggestions. It’s a very inspirational and informative interview for our readers. Have a Good Day Preet 🙂

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      Thanks a lot Priyatama for kind words. It will really encourage us. Yes you are right Preet us such an inspiration blogger. Hope to see you again here.

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