Introduction: Iftekhar Ahmed

If you are interested in boosting up your blog traffics and revenue, Iftekhar Ahmed is someone you need to know. And Today I am honored to have Iftekhar Ahmed, the founder of, as our guest today.

In this interview, we are going to discover a little more about his background and gather his opinions on blog monetization techniques and web host selections. I hope you will enjoy this Q&A session. Do stop by in the comment section and feel free to ask Iftekhar questions. 🙂

Q. Hello Iftekhar, this is a great pleasure to have you on today. So, tell us something about yourself and your blog?

Iftekhar: So, I am primarily from the Indian City of Lakes; Bhopal. However, I spent my entire childhood in Saudi Arabia and shifted to India in 2011.

Blogging was however not known to me until 2013 when I used to surf a lot finding ways to make money. After getting a knowledge of how a blog is being made, I started a blog myself in 2014. You guys know it by the name “” 

I created this blog to post blogging and SEO related content. However, I posted a lot of other tricks.

With time I understood and learned more about SEO and started writing quality posts that helped my readers. Today iftiSEO has an excellent reputation and has a unique flavor all due to good content. 

Q. What is the focus of your blog and why did you choose that niche?

Iftekhar: The focus is just to help all the fellow bloggers who are struggling to get traffic on their blogs. People won’t find the basic tutorials of blogging on my blog; rather it is slightly advanced but at the same time easy to understand.

I chose the niche at the time when I knew absolutely nothing about the opportunities with other niches.

I just knew about this term, and by reading a lot about blogging, I made up my mind to start one blog on a topic which I was not perfect at. However, it’s a good decision as iftiSEO has helped me gain a lot of confidence and trust of readers.

Q.  What is your daily schedule? How many hours do you dedicate to blogging? 

Iftekhar: To be honest, My schedule is very rough !! Being an engineering student, I do not have any fixed schedule for blogging. I blog whenever I feel too.

Otherwise, I usually spend time reading other blogs, watching videos on YouTube (a great source to learn) and helping my fellow mates with their queries.

I run a “Very active” Facebook group for bloggers and internet marketers, and I spend a lot of hours surfing that group. With over 300 posts every week, it helps me learn many things and at the same time allows me to connect with other bloggers.

Q. Which methods do you use to monetize your blogs?

Iftekhar: I have tried a lot of techniques to monetize my blogs. 

I’ve tried CPC ad networks, CPM ad networks, Affiliate Marketing !! Apart from this I also monetize blog via direct banner ads and sponsored posts. Everything works provided you have the right traffic for it. 

But by all words, Google AdSense has always been the best monetization source for me. 

Q. Have you ever been affected by Panda/Penguin penalties? What is your advice to our readers on the same?

Iftekhar: To be honest, not really. And even if I did, I never did anything extra to get back on track. 

My advice is always to focus on content and USER ENGAGEMENT. The better your site engagement rate is, the better will be your results.  

Q. What do you think about the future of SEO?

Iftekhar: SEO has a bright future indeed. No doubt paid advertising is a proving out to be a real competition to SEO, but I still feel advertising won’t last alone. 

Regarding the strategies, well yes, that might change a bit. Predicting it is not easy, all I can say is, things will remain like this for at least 15 more years. 

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Q: Where Is Your Blog Hosted At This Time And How Long You Have Been With The Host? Please Share Your Experience With Them.

Iftekhar: My blog is currently hosted using Digital Ocean 10$ per month droplet !! I am satisfied with the results they give with both 5$ and 10$ droplets.

Q. What would be your advice to part-time bloggers, especially college students to manage blogs as well as studies effectively?

Iftekhar: I’ve seen people (including many of my college friends) making blogs just for the sole purpose of making money which is completely a wrong mindset to start with.

Blogging as a passion is the most exciting thing, but if you think you can EASILY BLOG for making money, then I am afraid it will only end up with you losing your time. 

For college students, it’s the perfect time to make a blog on anything that they like and build it with the sole purpose of sharing quality content.

Following the same for 1-2 years will help the students develop new skills. These skills can LATER be used to make money or even can be utilized as a career. But I will always recommend not to mess up with studies while blogging. 

Even I just started my 4th year of engineering and to be honest (and not to brag :P) I always gave full dedication to my college as well and by keeping a good balance between the two, I can run both the things smoothly. 

Balance is what you need !!! That’s all folks. 🙂 

Q. What do you think of, any tips for our blog?

Iftekhar:  DHost is a really good looking blog; I love the way you guys organized the content. You guys are posting good content and keep doing so, try to add some complete A-Z guides to help get some traffic along with powerful social signals.

 I see everything to be perfect, just keep posting regular content, and you will be in a good position in the niche you are targeting.

That’s all for my questions – I hope you enjoyed this online interview. 

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