How to Automatically Add ‘Media Titles’ in WordPress?

  • How to Automatically Add Media Titles in WordPress

A content-wealthy WordPress site relies heavily on images. Images doesn’t only contribute to the SEO-friendliness of the content but impacts the way how a visitor interacts with the content.

The Common Way to Use Images in WordPress

Adding Media Titles to WordPress

Usually, when an image is uploaded on WordPress, the Title – Caption – Alt Text – Description is added manually.

Also, if the Title is not added manually, the uploaded image file name becomes the Title by default. Right? We can ignore the Caption and Description components, but for SEO-friendliness, we need to add Title and specifically, the Alt Text.

Moreover, with a WordPress blog having endless images, forgetting to add on the image components is common.

However, you can automate the whole process and it just necessitates the addition of one plugin.

Add Image Titles in WordPress with Format Media Titles Plugin

The Format Media Titles plugin comes with some basic functionalities, as shown below.

Format Media Titles in WordPress Functions


  • When an image is uploaded, the hyphen symbol comes by default. See ‘fruit-basket’ in the earlier image. Like hyphen, there are other characters. The plugin will help to remove the characters so that the display is like ‘fruit basket’.
  • You can choose to or not to capitalise the words. You can go for all caps but that’s a bit overboard. The idea setting is “All Words Upper Case”, and the display will be like ‘Fruit Basket’.
  • You can choose where else to put the title text. You can set it to “Add Title to ‘Alternative Text’ Field” option. If the other two is kept unselected, the content can be added later manually.

In all, the result is this:


Isn’t this WordPress plugin cool? Some time is saved by automating the whole process. My practice here is to recommend you the plugins which we actually use in hose for our wordpress blogs.

It will be great if you can share suggestion about this plugin or related plugins via comments under.

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