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Now you know about the vision dhost carries and must be curious to know who are the persons behind the curtains. I am really glad that you are interesting in knowing who are we, What we basically do, How we got started this journey and so on..

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A note from Danish, our CEO

Hey There!

Lot of people ask me, why we bother to build dHost as there tons of SMS providers in the market.

It’s a fair question, there are plenty of Providers who offer Bulk SMS Service.

But problem was that none of the options were right for me, because everyone focuses on selling SMS not Solutions.

I am doing Business from past 7 years, since I was in College. Started a Web Hosting Company and sold it in 2015. Being a techie managing servers and providing support to my customers was not a problem for me, but sooner or later I realised that hosting is a Competitive world to win. I badly got stuck with the marketing part of it and tried all the possible methods, tricks, techniques, ways to promote my business and get some handful customers.

I tried hell lot of things ranging from cold calls to customer visits and every thing in between like: Bulk SMS, Mass Mailing, SEO, Social Media Promotions etc. Found that there is one this among all marketing channels which is not organised and automated for small business? Yes! Messaging Services.

I tried all possible SMS solutions out there in the market before founding dHost. Few of them have great features and integrations but are expensive and some of them have tons of features which are useless.

So we decided to pack Messaging solution with No clutter, No complexity, No extra features to confuse and overwhelm you.

I’m proud to say that dHost is the product that I wish existed back when I was looking for the perfect SMS Marketing Solution. And I’m also proud that our 2,000+ customers agree!

Now Our Vision is to Integrate dHost with all the possible applications in the market and bring drip automation feature in it, so that you can build your own messaging workflow on run time.

Give it a shot and email me if your brain is popping with some great idea!

Founder & CEO

PS: If you’d like to join 5000+ readers and learn more about promoting your Business through Messaging. — check out the dHost Blog.

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