9 Big Hosting Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

  • 9 Big Hosting Mistakes Bloggers should Avoid

With the rapid development and popularity of Internet, more and more people vigorously rush to start a blog of their own. Are you going to start a blog?

Know, you would probably excited as like other bloggers who are new in this field and going to set up their first blog.  However, before you even start to think about going live with a blog of your own, you will first need to consider your options with web hosting.

A bad Web host can:

  • Have negative effects on your search rankings.

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  • End up wasting your money, hard work, and other resources.
  • Ultimately affect your online authority in the long run.

In the following, I cover the top 9 big hosting mistakes that many bloggers make, while giving you a key pointer on how to avoid these errors and get set on the right path for success.

Mistake#1: Starting with Cheapest and Free Web Hosting Service

Many people will pick the wrong type of website based solely on the price of the service. If your budget is your bottleneck, then you need to hold back your selection of a web host until you have enough money to afford any package.

Your primary concern should be a customer acquisition strategy and research and development for your product.

Nothing comes free in this world, so why should your hosting be free? It’s very true saying that “You will get What you pay for.”

If someone promises you a free hosting service, for sure you are going to encounter following problems in future.

  • The web host may put unwanted third party advertisements on your website.
  • You could face the website speed loading issues.
  • You may not have the leverage to build or scale up your site, the way to want it.
  • You might have no trace of when and why the server went down, leaving you as a silent viewer.
  • Search engines may not give your site an equal importance while ranking it on search engine result pages (SERPs). This is certainly a huge problem. If people searching for your product will not find your store listed higher in the SERPs, you will naturally lose customers and cash too.

Can you afford to take so many uncertainties and live on risks at the cost of a couple of bucks? Inexpensive but paid web hosting, so far, is quite affordable and risk-free.

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Mistake#2: Not all big-name Web hosts are good for you

Big-name Web hosting providers are excellent who have built their brand to success over time. However, we sometimes get blindsided by their successes so much that we don’t pay attention to whether their hosting solutions would suit our business needs or not.

Mistake#3: Not Paying Attention to Given Terms and Conditions

It wouldn’t be wrong if I say this the terrible mistake that usually people especially one who is starter do. Many people don’t care or ToS, i.e., Terms of Services.

If before signing up you don’t read Terms Of Services of Fair Usage Policy(FUP) then it might be that you put yourself in big trouble. Usually, the ToS includes the host’s refund policy.

No wonder, you showed banners like ’30 days hassle-free refund’ or some like 90 days counterpart but in real they are just for attracting users and thus you don’t need to believe on these. Instead, you must read ToS and FUP for a betterment of your sites.

Mistake#4: Going with a Web Host without Live Chat Support

Just like hosting features, performance, and price, the quality of support service is also crucial. Most bloggers are just beginners and have no coding or programming skills.

Blogging is complicated in the beginning and should things go wrong. You will want to choose a hosting solution that has a support team on standby at all times.

When tings go wrong, it is imperative that you have live support staff that can help you out and get the problem fixed fast, without hassle. It is a huge advantage to know there are technical guys live for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in case something goes wrong.

Mistake#5: Looking for Unlimited Web Hosts

Often people gets attracted toward the unlimited plan. Individuals who are more excited thinks that companies claim that they provide everything unlimited are best one for their blog.

But in reality, it’s impossible for any web hosting company to lets customers hosts unlimited domain on a hosting account. In real, you are bound by some complicated Fair Usage Policy and Terms of Services which not allows you to consume more resources.

So, don’t go for such offers as there may happen that you face problems after which you just regret and asked to yourself “Why Unlimited is Not Unlimited.” Some of the challenges you can face after violating web hosts excessive storage policies:

  • Throttling
  • Stopped Backups
  • Account Suspensions

Mistake#6: Not Checking Hosting Reviews

Since choosing a Web host is one important decision you’d be making as an online business, you want to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Of course, you need to visit your their website, but keep in mind that they’re business people who want to sell. They mostly won’t be expressly revealing information that might discourage people from buying their solutions.

Third party reviewers, on the other, can at least give their opinions based on analyses and use cases so that you can take your decision based on those. There’s a lot you’d find online today, but here’s a few that I’ve found insightful:

  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • Support

I recommend you to check out the Web Hosting reviews of different companies by our experts.

Mistake#7: Not Understanding the SEO Implications of Web Hosting

If you think that any affordable hosting package will work as far as the host gives you a 99% uptime guarantee, you are possibly wrong. Hosting problem can overkill your SEO efforts.

Slow site speed, database connection errors, shared hosting with poor quality spam sites can damage your site’s credibility to human users as well as Google bots.

With exceeded bandwidth limit, prolonged runtime errors, internal server error you may even end up at de-indexing your site in Google.

No matter how big your SEO team is or how good they are at building links, without a reliable host in place, you sure will not succeed in marketing your products.

Mistake#8: Signing up for a longer period

If you are not experienced or just starting your blog, it’s highly recommended not sign up with any web hosting company for a year or pay them full in advance.

There are many incidents where people do this after which when they wish to refund it’s hard to get back the money. In this case, you get trapped your money, and all you have is just regret.

Thus, you must pay for month to try, and if you are satisfied with the services quality, then you can switch to the longer period.

Mistake#9: Associating with a New Hosting Company

Some brand new hosting providers offer huge discounts, freebies, coupon codes, software, and cash awards to gain the quick attention of business users.

Their objective is to acquire a large number of customers and scale their business to make quick cash. Unfortunately, after a period of 6 to 12 months, they run out of server space and close down.

It is important that you choose a company that has been serving customers for a long time with experienced technical and customer service staff and has gone through the pain of helping them successfully.

Are you making any mistakes?

If you follow the tips above, you will avoid many of the mistakes that novice webmasters make when they choose a host for their blog.

Getting this decision right from the beginning can save you thousands of dollars, so take your time to make the right decision about the web hosting platform that you use.

And If you can think of any other mistake novice bloggers should avoid and add to this list. Please let me know in the comments below.

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