7 Ways Everdata Jelastic Cloud Solves Business Challenges

  • 7 Ways Everdata Jelastic Cloud Solves Business Challenges

The Small Medium Enterprises in India, which has come near to 55 million endeavors, proceeds to be plagued with weighty issues, even several solutions accessible in the market.

They end up using solutions that are costly as well as unproductive, leading to low productivity, low ROI (Return On Investment) and decreased profitability for the industry as a whole.

Approximately 1/4th of the SMEs, around 12 million Small Medium Enterprises, are observed to be seeing for cloud-based solutions to resolve their business difficulties and reach their daily necessities.

In-depth studies of the area helped identify the major challenges and how cloud-led solutions are presenting the solutions that are much needed.

Discussed below are some of its essential advantages that can go a long way in addressing critical business issues.

#1. Minimal Infrastructure cost

Cloud-based services are available on a subscription basis, which is ideal for businesses who have limited capital to spend upfront.

The seamless setup and management capabilities of the vendors can help the small and medium-sized business to save heavily on hardware infrastructure and let the cash-flow be used on core business services.

#2. Access to Latest Technology

Cloud service provider assimilate latest technology in various services like networking and applications.

The resources are continually upgraded with most innovative features that can boost performance and maximize efficiency.

Users can have instant access to enterprise-class technology and latest updates, which they can use to deliver cutting-edge solutions to their clients.

It also minimizes the chaos of conflicting file formats, titles, and content. Furthermore, all documents and files are saved centrally on the cloud, where the latest vision is visible to all.

This optimized transparency leads to improved collaboration which in-turn can catapult the bottom-line.

#3. Maintenance & Disaster Recovery

Businesses utilizing Cloud services are not just saved on the cost of procuring and installing the hardware infrastructure, but are also freed from the usual hassle of maintenance.

The servers and other vital resources are usually located off-shore, and the service providers employ high-tech methodologies to keep them up-to-date and up-to the mark.

It also exempts the users from the travails of investing in disaster recovery.

The robust security and top-notch recovery solutions deployed by service providers can always keep the business up and run, irrespective of the catastrophe’s type and range.

While cloud computing pervades improved manageability, it also helps the business achieve economy of scale. The advantage of on-demand high computing power can maximize scalability.

Also, with the option to access the resources from anywhere and anytime, it solves the issue of availability and accessibility for individual users, as well as small and medium-sized business across the globe.

#4. Risk Immunity

In the phase of on-site disasters, an organization may usually watch their business to come to a stand-still.

With IT operations deployed on the geo-redundant data centers guarded by the high level of security and control, companies can rest assured of business continuity.

This immunity against calamities and risks can help in achieving improved productivity.

#5. Flexibility

The major advantages of Cloud computing includes the litheness it provides businesses to respond to latest market conditions.

Quickly scaling up to the technological demands encompassing innovative software solutions, the flexibility offered by the cloud is impossible with on-site solutions.

By helping businesses to save on IT resources and expertise, Cloud-enabled solutions have leveled the playing-fields by minimizing the infrastructural competitive advantage.

With minimal downtime and ability to do more, Cloud computing can maximize business productivity quickly and conveniently.

#6. Seamless Connectivity

Using cloud-enabled systems all employees working on a project can stay connected where ever they are.

Given the ability to access critical business solutions from remote locations coupled with seamless connectivity that enables them to interact with each other regularly, they can catapult their productivity.

#7. Scalability

Cloud Computing offers businesses the enhanced scalability to tackle the ever-changing IT infrastructure landscape.

When companies are required to consider utility services of computing infrastructure, an accurate forecast is needed to prevent them from IT overload.

By outsourcing the groundwork for systems and networking, businesses can save themselves from predictability lapses, ensuring better scalability to match the demands. It saves them huge upfront cost and improves productivity.

What additional ways will cloud computing change business? Please put your comments below.

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