An 18 Year Super Ambitious SEO & Affiliate Hero: Rohit Palit

  • An 18 Year Super Ambitious SEO & Affiliate Hero: Rohit Palit
 Introduction: Rohit Palit

What were you doing at your 18? At an age of 18, Rohit Palit is already a blogger, author, entrepreneur, an affiliate marketer, and role model to many young Bloggers.

His blog,, is followed by a number of fans; and he is helping a large group of bloggers to interact and grow. He proves Your will sets your way, Right up there.

Our guest today, Rohit, has shared tons of great tips in affiliate marketing and web hosting in the following interview. Surely, you will learn a lot from this Q&A session.

So, are you ready? Let’s get started!

Q: Hello, Rohit. Thanks a lot for being with us today. Could you share a few words about yourself and your blog?

Rohit: Thanks for having me today. I’ll keep the introduction part concise. I’m an 18 years old inbound marketer based out of Kolkata, India. Most of you would know me for my Amazon affiliate site guide, or for my blog posts about inbound marketing on various industry-leading blogs.

TechTage is my primary blog where I publish my thoughts on SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Web Hosting.

Q: How and When did you get the idea to start the blog? How long did it take you to serious about blogging?

Rohit: I started the blog back in 2013, and started taking it seriously from mid-2013. I’ve always been fascinated by websites and the whole thing about them, including SEO.

From the beginning of 2013, I started reading a Ton of SEO blogs, articles, case studies, and whatnot. This got me seriously hooked in everything that has to do with inbound marketing.

I soon started experimenting heavily with SEO and saw a fair amount of success in my projects.

It was that time when I decided to scale things further and take up client work, alongside blogging on SEO-related topics on popular sites like SearchEngineJournal and Ahrefs.

Q: What are the challenges you faced when you started

Rohit: Money was a big problem when I started my first website on a ‘paid’ host in 2010. Even in 2013, I didn’t start TechTage with a lot of funds sitting in my bank account.

I just went with what I felt doing like. I was genuinely interested in inbound marketing, so I needed a platform where I could share my thoughts and findings. 

Q: What schedule do you follow daily to maintain and manage your blogs?

Rohit: I don’t follow a fixed schedule. There are days when I spend 12-14 hours on my work, alone.

There are also days I don’t spend a single hour on my work. Such is the beauty of working from home. You can work only when you feel like working.

Q: In your opinion, what makes a good hosting service? What are some of the key points to look into when we are choosing a web host?

Rohit: There are some key elements while selecting a website. First and foremost, the support you’re getting. If it’s trash, no matter how good the performance is, I won’t go for it. If the support is at least decent, page loading speed and uptime are the next big things that you should be concerned about.

In my web hosting reviews, such as this review on InMotion , I publish tested performance and uptime metrics, which help users decide a host by themselves.

Note: You can also check out our reviews on different hosting companies here.

 Q: Do you use affiliate marketing to earn revenue? What is your advice to others on affiliate marketing?

Rohit: I’m into affiliate marketing, big time. I earn most of my money online through affiliate marketing. In fact, I’ve earned mid-five figures in each of the last two months, solely from Amazon affiliate program, alone.

And that’s not the only affiliate program I’m signed up with, so you can guess how important affiliate marketing revenue is for me.

 My advice to others is to think about solving a problem before thinking about the affiliate money associated with solutions to the problem.

I always try to solve users’ problems genuinely, no matter what the niche of my site is. This brings my sites links, mentions, shares on their own, and increases my revenue on autopilot.

Q: Where Is Your Blog Hosted At This Time And How Long You Have Been With The Host? Please Share Your Experience With Them.

 Rohit: My blog is presently hosted on MDDHosting, and I’ve been hosting sites with them since 2011. They’re a bit costlier than your average shared host, but their support, as well as performance, is unmatched.

Q: Would like to give any advice to our readers? 

 Rohit: If you’re in the market for a solid web host, don’t trust just about any professional hosting review sites, because most of them are rating hosts by the affiliate revenue they receive from them.

Also, read multiple reviews, and also individual user reviews on related forums before finally picking one.

 If you’re thinking about starting with affiliate marketing, be prepared to fail for at least a year if you’re a beginner. Keep experimenting and finding out what works for you. Don’t blindly follow others.

Believe the data you found out yourself while working on your sites. You need to dig deep and experiment a lot in a short span of time if you want quick success in affiliate marketing.

Q: What do you think of, any tips for our blog? 

Rohit: I think DHost is becoming an authority on web hosting related topics quite fast. I wish the readers all the best in choosing a quality web host.

That’s all for my questions – I hope you enjoyed this online interview. Is there anything you’d like to add? Thank you very much.

Rohit: You are Welcome.

Thank you so much Rohit for giving us your precious time. Follow Rohit @TechTage on Twitter and TechTage on Facebook.

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