10 Tips Every Smart Web Hosting Shopper Should Know

  • 10 Tips Every Smart Web Hosting Shopper Should Know

Being a blog owner, you will come across hosting many times establishing your website and blogs. Everything related to your business should be properly understood.

Where are you moving or heading towards should be crystal clear in your mind. Especially in today’s time when hosting is very easily available in abundance.

It also provides promotions through hosting companies that in turn challenges newbies to decide which is a greater deal or which is well that implies which is worth the price.

We have brought some tips for the ones looking for an affordable and an awesome hosting account. We hope it would be useful to your needs.

Coming to the Real Meaning of Web Hosting:

Web Hosting is a Web space. While purchasing a Web hosting services, You are in fact buying space on the Web for your website.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Thus there’s nothing to be confused about.

Well, as the property buyers are very particular about the things they are getting and the price they are paying.

You too should be very careful; your space should be your own for which you paid and someday cannot just come in claiming that it is his.

Hence, in this article, I am going to share my suggestions of web host shopping that can make your wiser webmaster.

#1. Customer Reviews are Key:


Wouldn’t it be great if you could hear from actual clients and users of a service before you sign on the dotted line? Good news, you can!

All it takes is a simple search in Google for “hosting name + reviews” and you will find a whole world of testimonials, customers ratings and hosting reviews.

#2. Test customer support (for real!) before you sign up:

Don’t ask stupid pre-sale questions, ask technical stuff like inodes and CPU usage limits to test the support’s knowledge.

#3. Always pay with a debit card to protect yourself:

Trust me; some crooks will charge your card even if you have canceled your subscription. A debit card will save your day when things turn bad, use a PayPal in case you do not have one.

#4. You should particularly check your spam policy:


Any host without a hard spam policy is a pass. We don’t want to be with a lot of bad IP neighbor that also blacklist our site.

#5. Backups, Backups, and more Backups:


When was the last time you had to backup your computer, laptop or mobile device? Probably recently and while it likely was a pain, think about the last time you didn’t backup, and lost everything!

It’s a big pain to constantly backup your data, but in the world of web hosting, it’s much easier. A good web hosting company will provide monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly backups depending on the hosting plan you go with.

Make sure you go with a hosting provider that has at least weekly backups.

#6. If you plan to grow big, you should opt for expandable Web host:

Shared hosting plans are much more powerful these days but certainly, if you realize that you need a VPS or dedicated hosting in the coming time, you should stick with hosting providers that can provide you those services.

#7. Web host with a short trial period should be avoided:

Any trial period less than 30 days is a pass. Reputed Web hosts as iPage and Bluehost these days are offering ‘anytime money back ‘ guarantee. So there’s no need to limiting yourself to short trial period.

#8. Clearly, understand their Web host refund policy:

What is the duration of the trial period? Are there any particular charges if you refund within the trial period? How much is needed to be paid back in case of a free domain?

Does the Web host allow a refund after the trial period?? It is essential to understand your Web host’s refund policy so that won’t get shocked when things create a mess.

#9. Always opt for the Web with live chat support:

Who needs a phone line as live chat is all the more efficient and advance.

#10. Does your Web host come with blackholed IP?

A quick check it on Spartans Block list is always better. There’s an easy search tool provided at SpamHaus org if your IP address is listed on one of our IP blocklists.

The lookup tools like ‘Zen’ would tell you which one will give information and how to go about it

Bottom line: Its cover page should never judge a book

It is almost difficult to know if a Web host is good or bad from external. Yes, reading TOS and user reviews do help to take out a few obvious rotten apples, but anything beyond that needs your involvement.

The best means to get to understand the Web host is to test in on your own from inside. Just hold track on the service quality for the first 30 days and do not feel shy to ask for a refund if you find something wrong.

Hence Keeping in mind the above points. Go on buying your hosting company and make your site live.

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About the Author:

Anuradha is the co-founder of DHost.com, a website specially designed for Web Hosting Shoppers who are looking for effective tips for blogging and reliable hosting reviews. She developed the interest in web hosting and search engine optimization. Anuradha has been in web hosting industry for four years. She loves engaging on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. In her free time, she loves eating new foods, reading books and spend time with her family. Connect with Anuradha on Facebook @chawlaanuradha.


  1. Mike October 23, 2016 at 3:22 am - Reply

    Hi Anuradha,

    That’s sound something useful for the beginners while buying web hosting for a fresh blog. Checking out customer service and then findout their resources in the budget, is not an easy job.

  2. Aritra Majumder January 6, 2017 at 1:39 pm - Reply

    Thankyou Anuradha for sharing the tips.I am attached with a new web-hosting company and I do some freelancing projects myself.I know how important it is to choose a decent web hosting provider. Your post is a complete knowledge for any newbie in a nutshell. I have noted your points for myself too…. 🙂

    • Anuradha Chawla January 9, 2017 at 6:17 am - Reply

      Hi Arita

      Welcome to my Space. I am glad that you liked the article. Thank you for reading through & sharing your comment 🙂

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